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Ushio Amagi by ilovecandyyy24
Ushio Amagi
FOOOOOOORRRR :iconkodaiki-academy:

Drawn by my amazing friend <3 who i cant thank enough for :iconuzu-jamake:

Edit: 11/13/14 New and Updated look 

Name: Ushio Amagi

Gender: Female

Sexual Preference: Straight

Age: 16

Date of Birth: October 23

Height: 5 ft 3 in

Grade: First year

Club: Music

:bulletgreen: sweets
:bulletgreen: CATS
:bulletgreen: sports
:bulletgreen: cooking traditional food
:bulletgreen: Going to new places
:bulletgreen: cold/cool weather
:bulletgreen: books
:bulletgreen: music

:bulletred: losing
:bulletred: hot weather
:bulletred: stress
:bulletred: being bossed around
:bulletred: evil spirits
:bulletred: some technology 


Mature: Having to help maintain a temple and interacting with all of the visitors who visit Ushio has to keep a very mature personality if she did anything out of hand it could disrespect her family. Something she never wants so she is always very careful with how she is around people. 

Blunt: Since she was raised traditionally with her own parents twists they told her to always tell the truth its usually for the best even if the other person does not want to hear it. So she has always been blunt.

Caring: Ushio was taught to take care of everything and everyone even if they arnt always the greatest. Sometimes people need someone to help and take care of them. So if she ever sees someone who looks like they are in need or assistance she will not hesitate to help them. 

Competitive: Ushio loves playing sports she thinks its one of the best outlets in life, but what makes the sport her her is having those rivals and competing she loves a good challenge which is why she will be competitive with anyone who puts up a good challenge. (she doesnt figure she is competitive till later )so someone challenge her! :D)

Graceful: Learning the traditional ways Ushio has learned the traditional way of dance, so she is very light on her feet. Her whole posture and the way she presents herself has that graceful vibe so she always gives off that vibe without meaning too.

Bookworm: Since Ushio never interacted with many people she learned alot of things from books! since knowledge is a strength so loves to read books. She always has a book in her bag of some kind to read about the modern world now to better inform herself.

Expressive: Ushio hasnt experienced alot of things so whenever she is in a new environment or is doing something new she will have the most unique and genuine expressions. This is when she would as questions and speak out a bit more.   


Elementary/ Childhood Ushio's family has owned a temple for generations so she was brought up very traditionally the ins and outs of how to take care of the temple. As a result on being raised so traditionally she didnt know how to interact with the other kids 'normally' So she would often just be out on her own not interacting with many people unless they approached her. During elementary school one particular girl named Yukiko was paired with her on a project so they had to spend some time together working and Yukiko was about to slowly bring out Ushio's personality since Yukiko was the first person who tried to be her friend so they became the best of friends.

Middle School
During the middle school years Yukiko and Ushio were separated into different classes so there relationship slowly started to drift. From getting along all of the time to slightly having arguments. Eventually Yukiko's family had to move away for her father new job. That was the last she heard from Yukiko. Once again Ushio was at square one being alone...So she was more involved with the temple work and learning how to become a shrine maiden. Meditating, reading how to get rid of spirits and practicing how to with talesmans. Even if she was alone at school this made her closer with her family and was spiritually happy. So that was enough from her even if her personality has now become more reserved. 

 Break before joining Kodaiki Academy  

Ushio's parents thought it would be a good idea for her to have more experience in the outside world to get away from home and live her life and figure out what she wants to do. If she does want to inherit the temple after experiencing her life as long as its her choice and she is happy. So they did some research on school to send her and found Kodaiki Academy by chance so they decided to enroll her. Ushio was shocked by her parents sudden decision.. she was intimidated... scared... being away from home. Though it was her parents choice so she will respect there wishes and will look forward to the academy life and the new adventures she will experience. 


:bulletpurple: needs her glasses to read only so she doesnt wear them regularly 
:bulletpurple: Has an older brother
:bulletpurple: likes to observe people cause she can get an idea on what type of person they are
:bulletpurple: Tries to stay positive
:bulletpurple: Is secretly a hopeless romantic cause of all the books she read 
:bulletpurple: If she doesnt know something  she will look it up and read about it.
:bulletpurple: Carries paper talisman in her sleeves or pocket
:bulletpurple: she knows how to tell fortunes :iconeyesplz: 

none... >.< 

Rp infoooo

Dont be afraid to ask me to rp! :D


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name is mayu-chan ^^ i say i am a decent artist but i am getting better! :) i an learning like everyone else, i hope you all can help me become better ^^ but i also love writing stories or as we all call them fanfics :) i thank everyone who loves them and is supporting me :D i promise i will keep writing! :D i'll even be happy to write a story about anyone elses oc ^^ so have any questons? ask me! :D i wont bit... or will i? lol xD

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