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Miyuki Hamasaki by ilovecandyyy24
Miyuki Hamasaki
App for the cool group :iconhakone-gakuen: :D I ACTUALLY FINISHED IN TIME TT_TT
********** was too lazy to draw her shoes :iconotlplz: she wears just black converse* 

Name: Miyuki Hamasaki
Age: 17
Club: Dance
birthday: July 18
gender: female
year: 3rd
height: 5'5
Sexuality: Straight 
dorms or home: dorms during the weekdays home on weekends

Serious: Miyuki has studied dance since she was 8 and has a passion for it when ever she can she will be either practicing in a field or the club room

Rebellious: Miyuki has a small tendency to be rebellious she can't help but do the opposite she is told to get a reaction she finds it entertaining

Calm: Miyuki is calm 65% of the time she hates having people get the satisfaction of getting a reaction from her so she typically blocks the person out or is just calm to annoy them. Believing silence is the best counter...of she can keep her cool that is

Analysis: Miyuki tries to analysis people before getting close to anyone going off of first impressions is how she will think of someone. Hate them or like them though its up to the person to change her mind or not

Temper: inheriting this from her father Miyuki can keep her temper in check for so long if you push the right buttons she is not responsible for what she does as she would have warned you before hand to shut up

Caring: Miyuki cares for anyone that becomes her friend sometimes acting like the mother or even that annoying sibling. She will treat that person like family

Sheltered: Miyuki is sheltered in the way of what is fast foods and how to normally eat that kind of food having to attend elegant parties and their meals were always made for them Miyuki doesn't know what fast food is or even how you eat it...

elementary school
Miyuki had a tough time making friends in elementary school since children would make fun of her hair and eyes saying how weird she looked how they can't play with a freak. Haru Miyuki's older brother of 2 years would often save Miyuki when the children would start tossing things at her or threatened to hurt her. Since then Miyuki always looked up to her older brother and they got closer being best friends. After Haru would scare off the bullies Miyuki found  friends who just transferred to their school a set of twin brothers. The twins loved Miyuki and her hair saying it was the coolest thing ever the three were often seen together playing. During the winter the school went on a field trip to see a play the nutcracker and that was the first time Miyuki saw ballet the elegant movements the music it was a work of art to her. When she got home that day she was able to convince her parents to get her a private dance instructor and that is where her passion started

middle school
While Miyuki was in middle school Haru just started high school and started to hang out with the wrong crowd of people. He would skip school, fight with their parents became violent his whole personality did a 180. Miyuki was worried sick about Haru she didn't even know who be was anymore... Taking matters into her own hands she would stay up at night and follower her brother out though she would lose him a majority of the time. Though she was determined to talk to the gang Haru was in so he could go back to normal. Miyuki was able to find the gang and tried to speak with the but to no avail she couldn't get though to them... The gang admitted they were just using Haru since their family was rich it was perfect for them. A scared Miyuki knew she had to tell him immediately! The leader of the gang seemed to figure what she was up to and had his men to take care of her. She was able to dodge a few hits but once they got knifes out one of the guys got her cutting her lower back. Right when she thought it was over a furious Haru came to the rescue saving Miyuki and got out of the gang that night (getting very beaten up in the process) The two siblings made their way home not speaking of what happened the only thing said was a sorry from Haru. After that night the family had a family meeting Haru openly said he was wrong and apologized for his actions and that he will accept whatever punishment he was going to get.
The whole situation was a bitter sweet bitter because of Miyuki and Haru getting injured but sweet because this made the family closer.

Since Miyukii's brother Haru was off to college she found herself bored a majority of the days and would just mope since it was like she lost her best friend. Every now and then walking around the town. Miyuki's parents where questioning what to do as they called up Haru asking what he should advice. Haru heard from a friend about a school that was not too far from them so to Send Miyuki there for school and she could come home on the weekends like how he was planning to do after his classes on Friday . That phone conversation sealed the deal as they enrolled Miyuki in Hakone and off she went to her new exciting life.

*her hair
*video games
*cold weather
*late night walks

*country music
*show offs 
*cocky people

Father- close
Mother -close
Older brother Haru: best friend

*her favorite type of dance is ballet. Though she knows others as well
*her necklace is her iPod and she always listens to it
* Her parents had her enroll in martial arts so she knows how to fight
*she changes the color of her braid ribbons everyday
*video game problem and candy problem she has a major sweet tooth
*belly button and ears are pierced (she has 3 ear rings in each ear)  
*has a scar on her lower back
*in the winter season she is always wearing a type of scarf
* family is rich
*her brother owns a motorcycle she loves it so muchh
*Miyuki knows how to drive a motorcycle well.... The basics at least

Ways I RP~

My perfer ways to RP are Lit and Para :) I dont like script very much >.<
*Perfer skype~~~ Since i'm always on there
*Notes are alrighttttt tend to lose them sometimes... DX


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name is mayu-chan ^^ i say i am a decent artist but i am getting better! :) i an learning like everyone else, i hope you all can help me become better ^^ but i also love writing stories or as we all call them fanfics :) i thank everyone who loves them and is supporting me :D i promise i will keep writing! :D i'll even be happy to write a story about anyone elses oc ^^ so have any questons? ask me! :D i wont bit... or will i? lol xD

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